Details and Disclaimers

  1. RIC3 LLC Mortagage Broker contributes .25% of the loan amount per transaction to the Community Partner Program. Contributions are calculated at .25% multiplied by the loan amount. ($100,000 loan = $250, $200,000 loan = $500, $300,000 = $750 and $400,000 = $1,000)  Maximum donation per transaction is $1,000.   

  2. In order to be approved as a Community Partner, an organization must be a tax exempt nonprofit or maintain a fiscal sponsorship with a nonprofit. 

  3. There may be extenuating cases where the contribution is lower.  However, RIC3 will work to serve it's Community Partners while maintaining its fiduciary responsibilities to clients and the LendingInTheD organization.    

  4. Individuals who have a nonprofit fundraising platform are eligible. 


Disclaimer - The Community Partner Program is not a contract and the program may be cancelled at anytime at its sole discretion.  Nonprofit partners can stop participating in the Community Partner Program at any time for any reason.